Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lonely Birthday Hiker finds Some Body

Take a look at this picture and the blog title will make sense:

Click on it to see the full version, if you need to. Do you see what that is? It's a glove. It's hanging onto the edge of a rocky precipice. And it has flesh hanging out of it.

Well, not actually flesh, but it looks like it, doesn't it? I got close enough to conclude that the sinewy strips of matter hanging morbidly from the glove are actually just shards of the glove. I was totally prepared to find a body, though. Also, I'm not really lonely. It just made for an incredible headline. Can you imagine seeing that in the paper if I had found a body? Hilarious!

In other news, here are some more pictures I took on my hike. Nature is still mostly bleak, but you can find glimmers of beauty if you look.

This steel cable twists mysteriously out of the mountain. I wish I knew what it was used for.

Even in death these wildflowers offered beauty.

Rock is so fun to shoot because of the way it mimics, at the minuscule level, erosion at a larger level.

Go plants! Down with brown!

These buds could have been sculpted from butter and looked and felt exactly the same.

Inside this shattered can were the remnants of a wasp nest and multiple praying mantis egg sacs. I envisioned a tiny war wherein the can was torn to pieces - one side extinguished, the other forced to find a more suitable home.

At first glance you're looking up a tree, but then you realize you're looking across a bridge.



  1. Happy Birthday Barry!!! You found such cool things on your hike! Although, the glove was a big creepy! :) I can't wait for Sunday! Hope your Birthday was great! Love, Sis

  2. I would have thought the same thing!! Nice post! I hope you kept the wasp can!

  3. So THAT'S where Michael Jackson's other glove went....

  4. How 'bout a hand for the birthday boy!

  5. Nice pictures. What a glovely hike