Monday, May 31, 2010

Thoughts from the Weekend

I used to think that when you created hip-hop music and sampled a song from the 80's, nothing could go wrong. Songs like this and this give new life to old jams and - for reasons nostalgic or otherwise - make you smile. Not all is well in hip-hop-and-the-80's-collaboration land, though. The following samples an incredible song (No More I Love Yous - by Annie Lennox) and dismembered it! Yes. I love that song. I also love the "wanna taco?" song! And before you judge me for it, remember that one song that you love that is SOOO cheesy.

Anyway, here's the awfulness:

The entire song sucks, but I'll only ask you to listen till (or fast forward to) 1:02 where the world of rap is shamed by some of the worst lyrics I've ever heard. Add to that the relentless auto-tuning and you have a disaster... and a complete waste of a great song as a sample. :(

On a more sunny note, the Iris' in my parents' backyard are lookin GOOD right now! I snagged this shot yesterday just as the sun was falling.

description of the photo


P.S. That "Young Forever" video is great, isn't it?

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