Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Playing the Classics

Oh my freaking Nintendo! I love this!

Let me tell you why.

1) Children participating in the games that DEFINED my childhood. Mario, Sonic, Starfox. Freak! Do you REMEMBER how cool it was when you saw that first 3d game!?!? I think it's hilarious to hear children comment on the old-school legends. These kids were fun to listen to.

2) The adults in this video were hilarious. My favorite part? "Are you gonna... do the rhyme I made?" HAH!

3) Literally 2 seconds into the Sonic theme - a tune I've not heard in probably 18 years - I waxed nostalgic in a way that elicited an audible "Ohhh..." comparable to when you see a picture of the puppy you loved as a child. Man, that was good.

My only beef: Stop saying friggin Marry-oh. It's MARIO! Like Maury-Oh. Like Maury Povich. You'd never call him Marry Povich, would you? Hell no!


Mario. There.



  1. "'s uh meeee, Lew-Igg-Ee, and uh my brother, Merry-oh"

    It's just wrong. Like nails on a chalkboard.

  2. I love this post! The 8-bit games were some of the greatest!