Friday, September 17, 2010

Couldn't See it Coming

Ahh! Some people are soooo stupid...

Just read an article about a British woman who traveled to Panama to have her eye color permanently changed. The procedure was something she read about on the internet. Of course, to me, the fact that you have to fly to Panama to have anything done is a huge red flag, but apparently this woman is a dumb ass.

So she goes down there, meets the doctor in the hotel, and he drives her to a little building in the middle of nowhere where they proceed to do the surgery, which involves placing a plastic colored disc inside the eye, over the retina. It's obviously a hack job, but the entire time she suspects NOTHING. Well, she gets back to Britain and starts freaking out because her vision is jacked. She goes to an optometrist who, luckily for her, was able to take out the discs and mostly restore her vision, but she now lives with cataracts, reduced peripheral vision, and headaches.

My bewilderment at what this woman did lies in the fact that she had this procedure done without doing any research beyond the preliminary effort it took to find it on the internet. Secondly, I'm amazed anyone would take such a non-chalant disposition to eye surgery. Stupid people, though, never cease to amaze.

Read here for the full story.



  1. That is incredibly dumb. Makes me think of the movie "Minority Report" where that creepy black-market doctor would switch your eyes for someone else's. I bet she wishes now that she had used colored contact lenses instead.

  2. I just saw her on TV they were talking about black market plastic surgery. the only peorson who was worse was some girl who knew it was illigal but still did it because she "really really wanted it"