Monday, September 13, 2010

A Bio Blurb

As most of you know, I recently relinquished my freelancin' days for gainful employment with an amazing company. I've been there for about a month now and just today they asked for a brief bio to share in this month's company newsletter. I decided against the traditional list of achievements and went, instead, for something a little out of the ordinary. Telling something of a small story would be a good way to make people remember me, so I decided to pursue that route. :)

This is how it went:

When Barry was 10 years old, he was grounded for a full month (in the summer, no less) for stabbing his brother in the hand with a pair of scissors. His mom had understood, due to a complete lack of accurate information, that the boys were fighting and that Barry, in his rage, lashed out at his younger brother. What had actually happened is that the boys, being young and stupid, were playing a game called “let’s throw Styrofoam into the air and cut it with scissors.” Years later, Barry learned that had his mom known it was an accident, his prison term would have been measured in days, instead of weeks. He has decided to be a better communicator ever since.

Besides his desire for efficient communication, Barry’s passions include learning, photography, hiking, spelunking, culinary adventures, ultimate Frisbee, building computers, and writing. He aspires to two things in life: grilling a perfect steak and marrying an incredible woman.




  1. love it- haha! and i remember when you cut steve! mischievous little boys!

  2. ah! I like it! Congrats on the gainful employment and stuff. Having a steady paycheck is always nice.

  3. muy bueno! and in true barry form; out of the ordinary, fascinating, and fun to read! glad the new job is going good. :)