Sunday, October 24, 2010

Autumn Time

Things I love about Fall... pumpkins and red leaves...

...BYU football... evenings...

...quiet mountain sunsets...

...and Halloween parties.



  1. Il mio fratello usa i funghi e il suo baffuto per il suo potere.

  2. Umm.... yes. Something about your brother using a mushroom?

  3. i always love the photos :) Good job

  4. Hey, I think I took that photo! It was really great to meet you the other night. Maybe kind of creepy that I found your blog, but it is Halloween after all.

  5. Jamie! Not creepy at all. I'm flattered you found my blog. Why aren't you on facebook? (Yes, I have tried to stalk you)

  6. Well, I loved the blog. The photos are gorgeous, and not just the one I took :)

    Why am I not on facebook? That's a good question. I'm just not, I guess. I'm on orkut, does that count? (It's like the Brazilian facebook.)