Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yellowstone and Beyond...

More pictures from our road trip this summer. :)

Tyler contemplates the scenery at Yellowstone Lake (or Lake Yellowstone... whatever it's called)

Billings, MT. Loved the geometric form in this industrial complex.

Pictograph Cave State Park in Billings, MT - An incredible rocky cove filled with Native American pictographs.

You can see the pictographs on the rock wall in the background in light red. Some jack-head archaeologist thought cleaning the rock by sandblasting would improve the pictographs but ended up erasing most of them.

The main purpose of our driving under big skies was to see the location of the Battle of Little Bighorn, or what we affectionately refer to as "Custer's Last Stand." Custer's grave is marked with black.

As you gaze upon this monument, and out at the plains that lay before you, I want you to play the theme song to "Dances with Wolves" in your head. It's peaceful.

The gravestones were placed at the exact locations where the bodies of soldiers and Indians lay dead. It was a solemn, contemplative experience. This bird has no respect for the dead. Shoo, bird. SHOO!

This deer and its friend hung out just outside our hotel that night.

The next day we headed out to Devil's Tower, WY. I love the way these longhorns lie there with the birds on their backs. :)

This means something....

That afternoon we drove into Rapid City, SD and made our way into the black hills to see Mt. Rushmore. Trust me when I say that the black hills are easily the most intriguing, mysterious mountain range I've ever seen. I desperately want to go back and hike.

Close-up of the forefathers. This is a fantastic experience and well worth the driving time. I highly recommend it.

Parting shot of the Mt. Rushmore monument.

This little guy said goodbye to us just as we were leaving.

Another monument being built is that of Crazy Horse. It's insane how big this is.

This is what it'll look like when it's finished.

Reason #17 for why I love the Black Hills: gorgeous bridges.

Is there anything more delightful than watching bear cubs play? :)

On the way back we traveled through Wyoming, which wins the "most boring state for road trips" award. It's seriously so plain. It's like driving across Tilda Swinton's face. There were a few bright spots - one of which was this ghostly abandoned schoolhouse.

There is something peaceful and terrifying about giant windmills. I love places like this. Small win for Wyoming.



  1. Loved the pics!! I'll need some copies!

  2. awesome photos...and even better commentary. loved the snip about tilda swinton...couldn't be more correct! looked like tons of fun! :)

  3. I think driving across Nevada is worse than driving across Wyoming, but they're both really bad.

    Your photos are gorgeous, Barry!

  4. Once again - love the photos - I loved seeing the pictures of Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse - I haven't been there since I was 8, it looks like there hasn't been a whole lot of progress on Crazy Horse - that's crazy...haha