Thursday, October 14, 2010


This vacation happened months ago, but I never got to putting the pictures up. I'm sorry for that, but I figure they're better now than never, right? They're really fun pictures. Yellowstone was so beautiful.

First, a warning for all you naughty little children that like to run around in national parks where you're not supposed to run. Hank thought he was such a big boy! He wore his big boy hat and his big boy vest and was showing off for Suzy when a cauldron straight swallowed him whole. Nothin' left but a bunch of "hank stew."

One of the remarkably beautiful - yet deadly hot - pools of geothermic wonder that litter the park. Seriously, though, just a few degrees cooler and BEST. HOT TUB. EVER.

Bison (buffalo) are plentiful in the park.

Baby bison are adorable!

Some of my favorite geothermic features were the painted pots - pools of bubbling mud that belched and popped like a vat of thick, chocolaty pudding.

Tyler and I pose with a little geyser.

Love the texture in this wood.

People all lined up to watch Old Faithful do her thing. (His thing? Yeah, I'm not sure, either)

I tried to pay a little boy to run out next to the geyser so you'd get a sense of scale for how big this is. His mom (completely oblivious to good photography) didn't like the idea and gave me the stink eye.

Show's over, folks.

Don't you want to pat that fur?

Yellowstone Falls. Such a magnificent, fearsome force of nature.

These shallow, ruddy pools were literally boiling. I remember really liking the noise they made, but can't remember now what it sounded like.

You think that lock and chain are to protect the tree from us? Hah! You, my friend, aren't very familiar with petrified trees, are you? That thing is a bloodthirsty killer...

Unnamed waterfall with car for scale.

One of my favorite pictures from the trip. This pelican stood about two and a half feet tall.

As we were leaving the park, we spotted a moose and her calf on the side of the road. We turned around just in time to shoot this picture. Don't worry, the car in the background is stopped and both made it across the road safely. :)

I hope you liked the pictures! I'll post more from that road trip soon (namely, Little Bighorn and Mount Rushmore.)