Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In Memory of Summer

When the weather cools and the leaves drift from their visionary heights to the frozen tundra below, I mourn a little for Summer. I was reminiscing on warmer days tonight when I happened upon pictures from a hike I never posted to the blog. This shouldn't come as a surprise as most of you have likely noticed that my posts have become increasingly rare - like polar bears in an environmentalists nightmare.

Regardless, here they are. We hiked Timpanogos at midnight - an exhausting, exhilarating, and memorable adventure.

We arrived at about 1:00am full of energy.

At the top things were COLD. And the wind was WRETCHED.

This is the back side of Timp. In the distance you can see Deer Creek Reservoir and the Heber/Midway area.

In the moments before sunrise, the clouds were spectacular.

Just as the sun came over the mountains.

And just like that, the entire valley was filled with light.

Looking north from Timpanogos. This is the valley we hiked in the blackness. Much prettier from up here.

This panorama was stitched together from 25 photographs. Click here to view the high resolution version. You MUST see this. :)



    Barry, answer the phone, it's National Geographic calling!

  2. Beautiful photos, Barry! Makes me want to hike Timp. It's been a few years. I still need to do King's Peak, though.

    Now I miss summer. :(

  3. I didn't think to take pictures when I was hiking timp. That is one of the most worthwhile things I have done - thanks for the photo recap.