Monday, December 13, 2010


Every year around Christmas time, my family becomes a group of architects, designers, and structural engineers, as we engage in the yearly tradition of creating "gingerbread" houses. I've never actually built anything out of gingerbread. We, like ninety percent of Americans, use graham crackers.

Steve and Ashlyn build their homes in the "Puritan American" style.

Shannon does as well, but Tyler opts for the "Eco-love Hexagonal" model. His gingerbread house is entirely carbon neutral.

Mom watched little Alexa (who couldn't be happier) while we made houses.


Shannon asked Tyler to make a jealous/disgusted face while I was decorating my house. She kept asking him to "exaggerate more." :)

This is my finished house in which two red bears live. They like ice skating on their private pond when it freezes over.



  1. Thanks for keeping our memories! Dang that baby is cute!
    and the gingerbread houses show architectural promise. I'm thinking know I've always wanted an architect in the family!

  2. Oh Barry, you have mad skillz:)
    And your momma looks very happy with that babe in her arms.

  3. Your mother told me to check out this blog. I love your houses, your baby, and your enthusiasm. You are handsome and, I hear, a divine jumper. Merry Christmas from Arizona!

  4. You are such a great photographer and "gingerbread" house maker! Fun post....I need to get my family to make some of these this year

  5. we did the exact same thing last night! :) although i'm a cheater and bought one of those kits that has everything you need...including an online tutorial. i love your pond and red men that live inside!