Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Alcatraz and SF

As a child, so many years ago, I had few serious goals in life, but I remember very distinctly one goal in particular. While watching trolley's ding up and down the steep city avenues in one of the catchiest commercials of all time, I remember vowing to someday eat a bowl of Rice-a-Roni in San Fransisco! After all, it was THE San Fransisco treat!

Alas, the opportunity finally came a few weekends ago and I squandered it. I failed to down a bowl of genuine San Fransisco-born Rice-a-Roni. Somehow, I still ended up having a blast. I owe a huge shout out to my great friends Justin and Katt Santistevan for allowing us to stay with them and acting as tour guides. I also owe a shout out to Corianne Reynolds for being an excellent travel companion. And finally, a shout out to Will Santistevan who made the ride to and from Monterrey thoroughly entertaining and entirely pleasant.

The vacation began a bit rough. We ended up getting into the Oakland airport at around midnight on Wednesday, but after a short night of rest, we were ready to spend Thursday touring San Fransisco.

Our first stop was Alcatraz...

Despite the very cold and rainy conditions, we were stoked. :)

Some awesome sculpture out near the bay. Not sure what it means...

The island prison loomed in the distance.

Cool sign.

Love that guard house.

I wanted to tour every nook and cranny of that building.

Parts of the island are overgrown and in ruin - destroyed by a fire, I think.

Another place I would have loved to sneak down to...

I thought I looked funny in this picture. My fist is clenched and my smile is almost a grimace. I wonder if Cori was having trouble with my camera. :)

Love the way the depth of field turns the people in the background into ghost-like forms...

Caught this picture of Cori in the coolest alley on the island.

As we were ferried across the bay, these gulls drifted just behind the boat.

The clouds broke just in time for the setting sun to peek through and paint the city with gorgeous light.

Thank you, clouds. :)

That was the end of our first day there. I'll post more tomorrow. :)



  1. San Francisco is so much fun! There's so much to do there! I'm glad you got to experience it, even if you didn't get to enjoy a bowl of Rice-a-Roni. Your pictures are amazing, too.

  2. Your pics are fantastic! They make me want to head right back to San Fran. Excellent work.

  3. those pics are just gorgeous! wow, wish I had a bigger monitor!

  4. Barry, seriously, you need to sell some of these!