Saturday, March 5, 2011

How the Mighty Have Fallen

I'm not usually one for gossip, but this affects something near and dear to me - namely, sports, and more specifically, BYU Basketball. So, in the interest of getting to the bottom of the Brandon Davies drama, I'm going to do my best Mormon housewife impression and share the gossip-y love.

Apparently, BD was sleeping around. It wasn't his girlfriend as ASU at all that he got preggo, but some skank from UVU.

The full story is found here:

Jayci Stephen is a harlot (and Brandon Davies is a man-whore)

I know I may sound harsh, but this is one of the greatest BYU teams in history with potential to do what has never been done before, and now we're looking at the possibility of being eliminated in the first round. :(

Maybe she'll name the baby "Brandon." Or maybe she'll name him "Dreamkiller McSeasonWrecker" Yeah... I think that's a fitting name.


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