Sunday, April 3, 2011

Santa Cruz and the Monterrey Aquarium

More pictures from San Fransisco:

Cori on the beach at Santa Cruz. It was TERRIBLY cold and rainy. Nothing like the Santa Cruz I'd pictured in my dreams. It was a ghost town. Seriously seemed like the residents - beautiful tan people with an affinity for the sun - were holed up in their bunkers waiting for the poisonous cold to disappear.

I am COLD. Also, I get sad when I realize that this beach would be so beautiful in warmer weather...

Not a soul to be seen.

With the cold, rainy conditions outside, we decided to hit up the Monterrey Aquarium (along with every other resident on the west coast.) Here, Cori and Justin admire a school of sardines that swims above in an endless circle.

My personal favorite of all the pictures I took. One of very few in which no person was in the way. I love the otherworldly serenity jellyfish evoke.

Photography lesson: when people get in your way, simply make a better picture with them in it!

This bird is real. Also, he'll kick your butt at a "stand-on-one-foot" contest.

Confetti of the sea.


People and fish. People and fish. Everywhere I see people and fish. :)


...are my favorite of all.



  1. Lovely pics!! I can almost feel how cold you were!

  2. I am always amazed by your pics - great work!

  3. Barry these pictures are awesome! I might have you print some for me!

  4. wow, the jelly fish picture rocked!