Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another Crazy Dream

So this morning I woke up with the lingering memory of a dream fresh on my mind. I should have written this then, but with work and all there was no time. By now the remaining memories are only a shell of the dream I had. A husk of something better - similar in nature and worthy of examination - but not nearly as bright and vivid as the original.

With that said, allow me to dive into what I do remember.

I was in Provo. This I know, not because it looked anything at all like Provo, but because I felt that it was Provo. Dreams are funny like that. You could be standing in the middle of the Alamo, but if your gut tells you you're in Alaska you think to yourself, "Wow... Alaska has an Alamo, too?" And that's it. You're in Alaska.

But that was a tangent.

I was in Provo. I was with two of my good friends, Melanie and Tiff, and we were wandering around in the biggest junkyard I've ever seen. I'm talking about tiers of garbage, piles built with old cars, pieces of buildings - columns of refuse that towered high into the sky like sandstone monuments. The girls insisted that to get to a diner we wanted to visit, we needed to cut through this junk yard. They saw it as charming and adventurous, but I saw it as dangerous and scary.

(As I type this, I realize I dream about cliffs a LOT. What does that mean?)

The girls and I made our way up to the top of a spire of trash where a few cables hung over to where the diner was. They went first, laughing and talking like it was nothing, and safely made it to the other side. However, when I began crossing, I noticed that the cables had loosened and, as they tore away from the trash, I nearly slipped to certain death. I watched them fall into the abyss below and retreated from the edge, holding on to an old, mashed car door that was part of the conglomerate of scrap we had climbed.

The girls told me to come on over.

"I can't!" I shouted to them, "The cables broke..."

They gave me a look like I didn't need the cables. Melanie mentioned that if I didn't want to eat, I didn't have to make excuses. I was perplexed by their reaction, as there was no way in HELL I would make it over the chasm without the cables. Then I woke up...



  1. Typical Mel and Tiff, trying to get somebody killed and then going to dinner. Sounds just like them..... :)

  2. Hmmm...interesting dream. The recurring cliff motif intrigues me.

  3. oh you know us. We're all about getting people killed. but really Barry, you don't have to make up excuses, we're big girls, you can just tell us if you don't want to hang out...

  4. Hahaha! Mel! I think you figured it out! The chasm represents the distance between us currently (30-ish miles?) And it's not that I don't want to hang out. It's that the chasm is hard to cross! Even so, I find ways around it to come down. :)

  5. Too bad Elder whats-his-name couldn't have used this in the "GET MARRIED" talk. haha
    the girls are ready to fearlessly enter the diner(marriage,comfort, basic biological needs met, french fries and yes, some messy grease stains) and you are scared to "make the leap" even though your fear was well founded. Hold on to that old car door, I think that soon, you'll figure out a way to use all of that scary junk to build a suspension bridge to the diner ; )

  6. hahahha Your mom's comment just made her my new hero. Hilarious! I love crazy dreams!

  7. Love your mom's comment.