Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mercur Cemetary and Dry Canyon Mines

(Blog catchup post: #2)

In August, I went out to explore the mining area just north of Ophir, UT with my brother, Tyler, and my cousin, Ryan.

Our first stop was at the Mercur cemetery, which was one of the most desolate, plain cemeteries I've ever seen.

Yes, this grave was littered with little plastic babies. Very creepy. Love Tyler's expression.

Ryan and Tyler check out the multitude of headstones.

Most of the graves looked like this, with a very simple, nondescript headstone (literally a stone) and a pile of rocks. It was eerie and fascinating all at once.

This was the one and only mine we explored. Most of the mines are barred off for good reasons. Abandoned mines are incredibly dangerous and shouldn't be taken lightly. They're so fun to see, though! By the way, you'll notice it looks like I'm wearing a backpack. I'm not, but I had been. :)

Tyler and Ryan in front of a barred up mine.

Here, the guys pose in front of an ore bin.

The area is very popular with shooters and the ground was peppered with a confetti of shotgun shells.

Not sure of the face I'm making here, but I obviously approve of this structure. I almost walked out on it, but it was shifting pretty heavily under my feet. Safety first, right?

This picture brings such joy to my heart... :)

I felt that a picture of a cactus in the fading sunlight would end this post nicely. Behold, and ponder the desert.


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  1. 1. I think Ty is gonna eat one of dem bebbies!!
    2. the spent shell casings joyously thrown into the heavens, "War is Over!"
    3. Loved them all!