Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That Time We Found the Pools

My good friend, Scott, and I went hiking a few days ago up a canyon in the Alpine area of Utah Valley. Normally we'd follow this trail to the beautiful Horsetail Falls, but on this occasion we chose to go above the falls and see what lie waiting in the canyon beyond them.

Heading up the trail, we were presented with splashes of Autumn color. I'm tempted to hike it again in a few weeks when the color is even more apparent.

Gorgeous day for hiking...

Miniature waterfalls like this one dotted the trail all the way up.

Scott stands in a meadow among alpine peaks. It's so scenic up there.

Up the trail a ways we found these incredible pools large enough to swim in! I was momentarily bummed that I didn't have my swimsuit, but realized that my underarmor shorts would do just fine. :)

Minutes later I was in the FREAKING COLD water struggling to keep my breath. Holy cow it felt good, though. I got out before I lost feeling in my extremities.

Scott just wore his shorts. I think his expression adequately conveys the temperature of the water.

This picture is taken from a log bridge, looking toward the valley. The frigid (but awesome) pool we swam in is behind me.

Up above there was another pool. Though not quite as deep, it was incredibly scenic.

Another glimpse of the fall of summer and the rise of fall. :) Love this little tree...



  1. Awesome! So freaking awesome! Did you go up Alpine Loop, or where is this?

  2. Those are rad! You'll have to take me up there when I'm not carrying around a foriegn object anymore :) It's so pretty. Is that near my house?